Its the witching hour for me….by now I am reaching for my second sweet treat of the day…..a bounty and a Diet Coke. I have a cup of tea and I am about to sit at my desk snack free! Unheard of! You wondrous woman.

Jade Moon

I’ve been listening to Hypno Bites for a few days now and I’m really starting to notice a difference in the way I feel about food. Fiona has a really soothing voice, but she’s not too floaty, if you know what I mean. She sounds really down to earth, like someone I’d like to be friends with. I’m really impressed with the content – it’s so in depth! I love that fact that there’s a whole program – rather than just listening to the same old recording day after day. I’m pretty sure that with continued use I would get to my weight loss goals much quicker because of this program. Thanks Hypno Bites!

Nadia Finer

Wow! I started listening to Hypnobites 30 minute weight loss hypnotherapy recording on an afternoon where I’d been rushing around all over the place, it felt as if I had been pulled in all directions and was stressed and tired. After recently starting out on a healthy eating diet I thought I would give this a go, a few minutes in and I felt instantly calm and relaxed and felt the stresses of my morning floating away. Fiona’s voice is soothing and calming, I could listen to it all day. As the recording went on and started to focus on eating habits and body image I began to feel even more peaceful and relaxed just going along with what Fiona was saying. After the recording I felt energised and excited to start putting positive changes into my daily routine. The visualisations really help you see clearly where you want to end up and I feel like this is going to really steer me in the right direction. Thank you Fiona, I will definitely be using your hypnotherapy recordings again.

Louise Clark

I’ve listened to many hypnotherapy recordings in my time, but I have to say that Fiona’s is one of my absolute favourites. I often struggle to unwind, relax and just ‘be’, but within a couple of minutes of listening to this hypnotherapy I felt calm and peaceful. Fiona has a wonderfully soothing voice, that put me at ease right away, and helped me to focus on the spoken content. I really enjoyed the music and effects included in the recording, particularly the bird song, it was not only relaxing, but uplifting too. This half hour of meditative magic allowed me to spend time reconnecting with myself, and experience a welcome pause in a busy schedule.

I’ve had trouble sleeping recently, so I decided to listen to this in bed, once I was ready to rest. I’m thrilled to say that Fiona’s lovely hypnotherapy helped me unwind and eased me into slumber, after I had enjoyed the full recording.

Rachida Brocklehurst

Taking some time out as a busy mum with a business was amazing. I don’t find time for just me, so firstly I found that finding a quiet space and a block of time, really helped me get some quiet and some perspective.

Listening to the recording also helped me feel calm and realise that rushing, not planning and snacking are my downfalls. Since taking time to listen to your recordings I feel much more in control of my eating habits. I’m drinking more water and trying to speak to myself before I eat to see if it’s really what I want or need.

Ceri Gillet

I have experienced many forms of mindful, meditative and yogic relaxation for better mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Having completed the first of Fiona’s hypnobites, I feel centered, calm and convinced that I can create the empowerment within my life I want.

I know Fiona is professionally qualified and experienced and she brings a strong dedication and attention to detail to her hypnotherapy practice. I would not hesitate to recommend Fiona and Hypnobites to my family and friends.

Thank you Fiona, your caring nature and strength came through in my recordings. I feel a clear sense of where I want to be and I look forward to my next sessions.

Heidi Wilcoxon

After having lost quite a bit of weight, I found that my weight loss had hit a plateau so I thought I would give hypnotherapy a go and I am very pleased with the results. I started my sessions over the Christmas period and still managed to lose a few extra lbs. It gave me that extra push that I needed and really helped me to focus on what I wanted to achieve.

Fiona was so enthusiastic and made me feel at ease straight away. She really listened to what I wanted and made me feel comfortable. I felt like she really wanted to help me achieve my goals and it was a pleasure to go back each week.

I will certainly use hypnotherapy in the future and would recommend it to anyone. I loved the EFT technique and use this in my day to day routine to help keep me focused.

Bianca DiSilva