You've tried diets in the past. They didn't work. You’ve tried exercise regimes in the past. They didn’t work.

That can be so disappointing when you have spent so much time, money and effort on a weight loss strategy that has ultimately let you down.

Here at Hypnobites we look at weight control differently. First of all - its not ‘weight loss’ it’s ‘weight control’ - as here at Hypnobites our aim is to give you the best possible strategies and resources to get control back.

After years of research and experience in the weight control field, Hypnobites has built a unique strategy to help you achieve your goals by freeing yourself from those debilitating cravings, replacing those feelings of sluggishness and self doubt with energy, confidence and vitality.

This is why the 7 day hypnotherapy weight control sessions are different from the others. They are tailored to target specific elements that contribute to weight control issues by putting you back in control and back in the driving seat.

These sessions can be bought individually to target specific elements or as a package (with a bonus track) for a more complete programme.

Weight Control Course

Enjoy the benefits of the full series of 7 specialised recordings targeting the key areas to help you achieve your weight loss goals. These are intended to be used once a day to formulate a week long programme but can of course be repeated over any period of time and as frequently as you wish. Purchase all 7 and receive a bonus booster track absolutely free.

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Session 1 – Back to Basics (Hitting the Reset Button)

This session is aimed to help you reconnect to that 'Inner Wisdom' that is eager to free you from your habits and help you start putting a plan in place to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Don't be a hostage any longer!

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Session 2 – Craving Buster

Do you have those certain kinds of food that once you have had a little bit of it and put it away, it’s still speaking to you telling you that you want and need more?! It’s time to start identifying cravings for what they truly are and help you get control back over situations that do not serve you on your weight loss journey.

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Session 3 – The Enemy Within (Additives and Preservatives)

In this part of the journey we aim to improve our food knowledge and become more aware of additives and preservatives in food - how they can change the quality of food, how they can make your body react, and how they can affect the body you have to reside in. It’s time to recognise and throw out these chemically enhanced foods that are designed to create a false appetite within you.

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Session 4 – Biting Off More Than You Can Chew (Portion Distortion)

At some point or another our eyes have been bigger than our stomachs when we have been faced with food, sometimes even stuffing ourselves to the point of 'exploding'! Today with Portion Distortion, we begin to recognise the signs and signals our bodies give us when they have had too much. We can now start to enjoy reaping the benefits of taking back control over food portions.

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Session 5 – You Are What You Eat (Health and Wellbeing Concerns)

At some point or another you may have come across concerns or stresses connecting with your health and wellbeing, especially when it comes to your weight and deciding what kind of body you really want to be living in. In this part of the weight loss journey we begin to understand your body is an incredible self-healing machine and how its automatically designed to fix the things that are going wrong within its bio-organic environment. That said, you still need to be putting the right fuel in this amazing machine!

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Session 6 – You’ve Got to Move It Move It (Exercise)

Exercise - sometimes we forget it the most natural appetite reducer. Today we remind ourselves that the body is designed to move and that the body loves giving you natural dopamine shots as a reward (those feel good zings!). It is in this part of the journey we discover and uncover what will be the most effective exercise plan for you, the key in making the weight loss journey fun.

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Session 7 – Healing Light

It’s amazing that the body knows just what to do when it has a cut or a broken bone to heal itself. In this part of the weight loss journey, we don't just talk about healing in the physical sense, but healing in the emotional sense of not beating ourselves up when things don't go as we want them to, and it’s here where we look at healing in the mental sense by feeding our thoughts with self-talk solutions rather than problems.

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Session 8 – Staying on Track (Bonus)

Life happens. Sometimes, events happen that throw us completely off track. In this final part of the weight control journey we really connect together what is needed for you to not only reach your weight loss goals - but stay there - so you can really start enjoying living the reality of what a happy, slim, trim and healthy lifestyle will give you, each and every day.

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