If it's come to the stage where your thinking "I need to stop, but how can I live without it?".

That stage where you have tried and failed to 'quit' so many times before. Tired of picking yourself up after repeatedly falling off the wagon? It's all very frustrating.

If you are serious about giving up, then these stop smoking sessions are for you.

At Hypnobites we have successfully developed these tried and tested hypnotherapy sessions to help you kick that habit in the butt.

We learn that this so called 'stress reliever' is actually a 'stress creator' - stress on your health, wealth and wellbeing (for you and your loved ones).

These tailored stop smoking sessions target key trigger points for smoking and smokers. It seeks to replace this harmful vice with positive alternatives to create a healthy lifestyle.

Session 1 – Smoke and Mirrors

In this session we focus on the realities of smoking and how the toxins you inhale impact you physically, emotionally and psychologically. We help you replace the negative behaviour of smoking by increasing the urge to get healthy and regain control of your stress levels. So go have your last cigarette and lets begin……

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Session 2 – Up In Smoke

Here we explore the physical detriment smoking has on your health and what smoking can do to you at a cellular level. We delve deep into that inner resource pool within to help you find the best strategy to unchain yourself from cravings that have been holding you hostage for so long. So go have your last cigarette and lets begin

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Two Smoking Barrels – Combined Stop Smoking Sessions

Enjoy the benefits of both these specialised recordings that target the key areas and triggers as a double barrelled approach to blow this inhibiting habit away.

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