Weight Control

You either have it or you don’t. Its one of these things we learn to get along the way.

Weight loss = diets. calorie restriction. cravings, developing a willpower of steel. These are just some of the thoughts that are associated with losing weight in the western world. Its hard living with the feeling of not only being uncomfortable and tight in your own clothes, but being tight and uncomfortable in your own skin.

Finally a remedy is here to help you unload the burden of weight that you have been carrying with you and make positive strides in achieving your goals.

In this 7 part series we look at the main key weight control issues and develop new strategies in helping you not only reach your ideal body shape and weight loss goals - but to stay there for good.

We take a closer look at cravings and identify what they actually are, we explore the ‘quality’ of food and exposing hidden salts and sugars and also overcoming portion distortion. You begin to uncover and discover a new curiosity of whats in mother natures pharmacy, and how finding the right exercise for you is key in making this weight loss journey more successful and fun.

These Weight Loss Hypnobites are designed to empower you so you can now take control back over your daily food and exercise choices.

In order to change your body - you need to first change your mind…

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Stop Smoking

Do you feel smoking is starting to affect your health, your wellbeing and starting to impact those around you too?

In these sessions we look at the key smoking related issues and help you to develop new strategies to break the habit that has entrapped you for so long. These stop smoking Hypnobites sessions have been designed to break the negative behaviours and thinking patterns associated with smoking.

We will take a closer look at what smoking really is, breaking the myths surrounding this legalised drug addiction. Feeling the impact of the chemical toxins you inhale in each cigarette you smoke and how that affects your body on a major and minor scale, both on a psychological and physical basis.

You will then learn how stopping smoking will be beneficial to you in more ways than you would imagine and how it will positively change your life.

So go have your last cigarette and let's begin...

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Removing Fears & Phobias

Does the thought of heights make you break out in a cold sweat? Are you petrified of spiders or snakes? Does the thought of being in open or crowed spaces fill you with so much dread that you want to lock the door and never leave the house?

If they answer is Yes to any of the above then you may have a phobia. A phobia is an irrational fear to an object or situation either directly (eg…being in the same room) or indirectly (e.g….seeing it on advert on TV) which leads you to have a severe physical or emo-tional reaction.

Its when these fears and phobias start affecting our daily life and begin to restrict us in one way or another that we need to find a solution.

With Hypnobites we have a look at the top 5 fears and phobias out there and help remove the cause that triggers your fears and phobias, as once the source of the trigger is removed then we find that nothing drives them anymore hence letting you become free to enjoy life as its meant to be.

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IBS can negatively affect peoples quality of life and sometimes only just thinking about a toilet can bring on a heightened state of anxiety.

People who experience IBS can feel affected by it on many different levels. Symptoms can range from trapped wind, bloating, nausea, cramps to feeling an urgency where you need to go to the toilet straight after eating and these symptoms can significantly impact an individual.

This series of 5 IBS Hypnobites have been designed to help you bring back control over your gut, rather than its ‘symptoms’ having control over you. We look at ways of reducing your stress and anxiety levels through different relaxation techniques to help relieve the tension symptoms and help your inner resources find different ways to make you feel more in control of any situation that may arise in the future.

Note: its important that a diagnosis from your GP has been confirmed for IBS. IBS symptoms may indicate other serious medical conditions.

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Motivation and Confidence

You either have it or you don’t. Its one of these things we learn to get along the way.

Confidence or the lack of it is a basic instinct that comes down to your core beliefs. That ‘inner voice’ that whispers the good (or the bad) just loud enough for you to not only hear it - but to be-lieve it.

Motivation is that level of desire you have to perform a certain task or goal. Its that internal pro-cess, that inner resource we tap into that creates an impulse to cause you to act.

In this series of Hypnobites we develop a way to replace negative thought patterns, strengthen your positive self talk and find ways to help turn that inner voice from critic to trusted guide so you can go back out in the world and shine.

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Habit Breakers

You either have it or you don’t. Its one of these things we learn to get along the way.

We are all creatures of habit in some way or another. Some habits are good and some habits are bad and some are just hard to break. Its when these habits start to interfere with your day in a negative way that Hypnobites can help you make positive changes.

As habits are a ‘learned’ behaviour that are repeated over and over, it becomes an ‘automatic’ re-sponse, something people do with little thought or effort. When you do things ‘automatically’ you do it ‘unconsciously’ and thats where hypnotherapy can aid your desired changes.

In this series of Hypnobites we look at removing the negative behaviour and help your inner re-sources establish new confident ones for you to refer to instead. Its time to start living everyday in a way that you enjoy that is positive for your health and wellbeing.

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