Everyone at some level wants to have a happy and successful life.

Whether that is a happy and successful family life, working life, social life, it may even come down to not having that extra chocolate biscuit with the morning cup of tea to mean the day itself was a success!

Being happy and successful happens in many different ways and many different forms for different people. Everyone has a different view of what a happy and successful life looks and feels like. But the ones that achieve it…are the ones that have defined it. They know what they are looking for (they have set their outcome/set their goals) and will set a path (or actions) in motion to achieve it.

But how does that really happen? How do people really create a happy and successful life for themselves?

Its all down to the way they ‘communicate’ internally to themselves.

In the world we live in, it comes down to 2 forms of communication – the Internal Communication: what our thoughts are, our beliefs, our feelings, that little voice that sometimes speaks inside our heads.

And there is External Communication: how we interact with the world, talking (and listening) to others, even down to interpreting what our body language says.

Ever hear people say, happiness comes from the inside? Success is an inside job?  Well people, its true. Happiness and Success happens from internal factors, internal communication, the internal thoughts and feelings we project to ourselves.

Sure, ok. external factors can ‘influence’ us in our pursuit of success and happiness…e.g. a news report on tv can make us feel a certain way, a conversation with a friend might make us feel better about a situation, reading an article that offers a different ‘perspective’ – but its really Internally that a ‘decision’ is made on how we think and feel about it.

How we make internal communication with ourselves can allow us to tap into our inner resources, tap into making those internal thoughts and beliefs and visions of what success and happiness are….and once these visions (or outcomes) are played out often enough – they can start to filter from the internal world to the external one.

Maybe today, you can start to see what a happy and successful life looks like to you.

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